山樱花(Cerasus campanulata),别名绯寒樱。原产台湾海拔300~2500米山区,大陆华南及日本 琉球群岛也有分布。山樱花属亚热带至温带蔷薇科、樱属植物,开花时极具观赏价值。 山樱花是台湾原生种植物,落叶小乔木,叶子要等到花期快结束了才长出来。单叶互生,长椭 圆形或卵状椭圆形,具有重锯齿缘,托叶则呈羽毛撕裂状,非常特别。花常3~5朵成一簇,每一朵 都有长长的花梗;花瓣 5 枚,着生于花萼筒处,呈紧密覆瓦状排列,不十分张开;花色有绯红、粉 红等;花萼钟形,深红色;雄蕊20枚。花落后,可见到颜色鲜红的果实;核果椭圆形状似小型樱桃, 内有一种子,成熟时红色或紫黑色。少数单株果实是甜的,可供食用。 品种:山樱花是全台湾12~3月最普遍见得到的樱花。在所有樱花中其花色最浓艳,花形下 垂呈吊钟状,好像小铃铛一样。以花瓣数的多寡,分单瓣与重瓣。单瓣樱花为5枚花瓣,半八重樱 花为5~10枚花瓣,八重樱花为10~50枚花瓣,菊瓣樱花为50枚花瓣以上。单瓣绯寒樱12月就会开 花,可见于台湾阳明山、乌来与阿里山。重瓣绯寒樱又称八重樱或牡丹樱,花期通常在1~3月。

山樱花的繁殖,通常采取高接法或播种。高接法就是将树枝剥皮后,用保水的材料包起来,等 根长出来再切下种在土里。 种子繁殖:因其种子萌芽前具休眠性,需利用低温处理让种子成熟时所产生的休眠物质代 谢后,方可使其顺利萌芽。因此台湾桃园农改场的做法是,开发湿冷藏法进行催芽:采收山樱花红 熟果,洗去果肉后,与湿蛭石混合,以塑料袋包装后置于5~7℃冰箱冷藏,10 周后取出播种,有65 %的种子可在播种后6周发芽;冷藏14周播种,2周后则有高达90%的种子可发芽。而同时采收的种 子,直接播种7个月后,发芽率相当低,仅2%。 台湾林业试验所的做法是,因其种子属于正储型种子(即我们常说的正常性种子,可耐干燥、 低温储藏之意),经过6周的暖低温变温处理后,再经过4周的4℃层积处理,然后置于25℃发芽成 效最好。 苗木移植最好是在冬天进行。樱花的枝条生长速度慢,可以不用修枝。即使修枝,一年也只要 一次就够了。樱花需要大量的肥料,请多悉心施肥。 一月底,台湾各地的樱花就开始绽放。到了二月,各地开始陆续进入樱花季。樱花因分布地点 的各种环境条件不同,开花的时间也不太一样,一般低海拔与南部地区较早。




Wild cherry (Cerasus campanulata), alias Ying Han Fei. Country Taiwan 300 to 2500 meters above sea mountains, Southern China and Japan, Ryukyu Islands also distributed. Cherry Hill is subtropical to temperate Rosaceae, genus cherry, flowering highly ornamental value. Cherry Hill is a Taiwan native species of plants, deciduous small tree, the leaves have to wait until the end of flowering long before it. Leaves alternate, oblong or ovate-elliptic, with a heavy serrated edge, feather lacerate stipules then was very special. Flowers often 3 to 5 in a cluster, each one has a long pedicel; petals 5, was born at the calyx tube, was closely imbricate, not quite open; colors are crimson, pink, etc.; calyx bell shaped, dark red; stamens 20. Flower behind, you can see the color red fruit; drupe oval shaped like a small cherry, inside there is a child, red or purple when mature. Few plant fruit is sweet, edible. Variety: Cherry Hill is Taiwan's most popular 12 to March can see a cherry. In all its colors in the most gaudy cherry, bell-shaped flower was drooping, as if, like little bells. Amount to the number of petals, divided single lobe and plena. Ill with cherry to five petals, cherry half eight weight is 5 to 10 petals, eight heavy cherry 10 to 50 petals, daisy petals of cherry blossoms is 50 or more. Ill with scarlet cold cherry blossom in December will be seen in Taiwan Yangmingshan, Wulai and the Mt. Han Fei, also known as cherry petals yaezakura or peony cherry, flowering usually 1 to 3 months.

Wild cherry tree breeding, usually take the high connection or seeding. Grafting method is to branch after peeling with water retention material wrap and other roots grow out and then cut seed in the earth. Seed Propagation: Seed germination ago with its dormancy, requires the use of low temperature so that the seeds are ripe metabolism resulting sleep only after it successfully sprout. Accordingly, Taiwan Taoyuan District Agricultural Improvement Station approach is developed method for wet cold germination: harvesting wild cherry red ripe fruit pulp wash after mixing with moist vermiculite, packed in plastic bags and placed in 5 ~ 7 ℃ refrigerator, 10 weeks out after sowing, 65% of the seeds can germinate in the six weeks after sowing; refrigerated 14 weeks sowing, two weeks later, there are up to 90% of the seeds can germinate. While harvesting the seeds sown directly after 7 months, germination rate is very low, only 2%. Taiwan Forestry Research Institute of the approach is that its seeds are orthodox seeds (that is, we often say that the normal sexual seed, resistant to drying, low temperature storage of Italy), after six weeks of warm and cold temperature changes, and then after 4 weeks stratification of 4 ℃, 25 ℃ and then placed in the best germination results. Seedling transplantation is preferably carried out in the winter. Cherry branches slow growth, you can not pruning. Even pruning, once is enough as long as a year. Cherry requires a lot of fertilizer, like him carefully fertilization. By the end of January, began around Taiwan cherry blossom. To February, began to enter around the cherry blossom season. Sakura distribution sites because of different environmental conditions, flowering time is not the same, generally lower altitudes and in the southern region earlier.